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I hope you will enjoy this new updated website which incorporates information about all my books in one site.   There are some features remaining from the old site but now if you want to ask me a question you can send a message via the contact page or make a comment in the blog section and I will respond.   If are a teacher or librarian  and would like to arrange a video presentation please  do so here:

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All relevant information about the books is here. I currently have three published series; Spooks Apprentice, Arena 13 and Aberrations and the first in a new series came out in April. 

It is called Brother Wulf and although still set in the county it is a departure from previous Spooks books and introduces a new character and narrator, Brother Wulf.  But there are appearances from old friends and foe and for those who have been waiting to find out what happened next with Tom and Alice this will, I hope, satisfy.  If you haven’t read any of the previous books this can also be an introduction to the county.  You will find the first chapter and a couple of readings on this site. 

You will find everything you need to know about me and my books here, and if you want to know more just ask me a question

Some readers have commented they have had difficulty purchasing Brother Wulf online. I work very closely with Tony Higginson, a local bookseller. He has plenty of copies of Brother Wulf (and all of my books) and you can get a signed and dedicated copy from him ( just tell him when you purchase who you want the dedication to). His website is https://www.beyond-books.co.uk/joseph-delaney35734a73

You can also purchase them here https://www.penguin.co.uk/books/315/315013/brother-wulf/9780241416495.html



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