Tale trail map created by Lancashire Libraries

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  1. Would anyone know where Brewer’s Farm would be? It’s somewhere near Topley, I reckon, but I can’t work out where.

    • The farm’s position because is deliberately vague but it is just north of the village called Topley, south of Chipenden and north of Priestown. If the publisher had wanted a map I would have had to position it more accurately.

  2. Hey Joseph, Do you have a map of the citadel in Greece where Tom’s mam lived? if so that would be great. I can’t wrap my head around that area.

  3. Hey Joseph Delaney, I have just finished your Spooks Series for the 3rd time that’s 52 of your original books in over 20ish or so years and I can honestly say I enjoyed so much as though I was reading it for the very first time. Please could you do me a favor and offer a more detailed or better quality map of the most prominent areas, I was considering doing a Round book to ground trip with a friend and it would be Amazing if I could accurately relate the book to the ground in real time. Other than that I am actually for the first time going to move on to your spin offs of the Spooks. I cant wait. Please get back to me

    • Hello
      Have you seen the map that Lancashire library made – it is in the maps section on this site. It is a bit old now and doesn’t feature all the places from Spook’s but has the main ones.

  4. Did you ever make a map of the lands and Kobalos territory from the A New Darkness trilogy. I’d love to see a map of that place as well.

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