Fan Fiction

Here are the entries in the ‘Change the Spook’s World competition’. I really enjoyed reading them! The quality of writing was great and some vivid imagination on display.  We would like you to share more of your fan fiction and invite you to send us any writing or drawings that you have done and we will post them here.  Send to

Circe by Lee-Mei

  My granddaughter Lee-Mei drew this for me. I love it.

Alice Deane had never met Tom Ward by Kody Reavis

It was nearing the end of a chilly morning. My apprentice, Mr. Ward, and I, had finished a somewhat decent […]

I am Not Grimalkin – Ethan Hoffman

My pointy shoes pounded on the leaf strewn ground as I ran through the woods. The wind whipped my hair […]


Entry 1: The cellar was situated far below the living quarters of the house. I obediently followed Grimalkin down the […]

Harry Lofthouse

I could feel the warm sweat seeping out of my skin, dampening my clothes as I tried to hold my […]

Kosie Pienaar

He sat down at his desk, made of the old Dark oak tree that used to loom above his Fortress, […]

Alice Churchill

Alice looked down and ran her finger over the crescent moon on her left leg. She remembered the time that […]

Spook’s heir – Ludmila Kowalski

  I was walking down a dark alley, hands in my pockets. I was coming back from my bô-jutsu class. […]

Alice Nasser

I was standing on the narrow lane soon Tom would be sent down to the village by old Gregory to […]