Rules of Combat

Primary Rules

  1. The objective of Arena 13 combat is to cut flesh and spill blood. Human combatants are the targets.
  2. No human combatant may wear armour or protective clothing of any kind. Leather jerkins and shorts are mandatory; flesh must be open to a blade.
  3. An Arena 13 contest is won and concluded when a cut is made to one’s opponent and blood is spilled. This can occur during combat or may be a ritual cut made after a fight is concluded. If it occurs during combat, hostilities must cease immediately to prevent death or serious maiming.
  4. If death should occur, no guilt or blame may be attached to the victor. There shall be no redress in law. Any attempt to punish or hurt the victorious combatant outside the arena is punishable by death.
  5. The right to make a ritual cut is earned by disabling one’s opponent’s lacs or lac.
  6. The defeated combatant must accept this ritual cut to the upper arm. The substance kransin is used to intensify the pain of that cut.
  7. An unseemly cowardly reaction to the ritual cut after combat is punishable by a three-month ban from the arena. Bravery is mandatory.
  8. Simulacra, commonly known as lacs, are used in both attack and defence of the human combatants.
  9. The min combatant fights behind one lac; the mag combatant fights behind three lacs.
  10. For the first five minutes combatants must fight behind their lacs. Then the warning gong sounds and they must change position and fight in front of them, where they are more vulnerable to the blades of their opponent.
  11. A lac is disabled when a blade is inserted in its throatsocket. This calls the wurde endoff; the lac collapses and becomes inert.
  12. Arena 13 combatants may also fight under Special Rules.

Special Rules

1. Grudge Match Rules

The objective of a grudge match is to kill one’s opponent. All Primary Rules apply, but for the following changes:

  • If blood is spilled during combat, hostilities need not cease; the fight continues
  • After an opponent’s lac or lacs have been disabled, the opponent is slain. The throat may be slit, or the head severed from the neck – the decision belongs to the victor. The death blow is carried out by either the victorious human combatant or his lac
  • Alternatively the victor may grant clemency in return for an apology or an agreed financial penalty.

2. The Trainee Tournament Rules

The objective of this tournament is to advance the training of first-year trainees by pitting them against their peers in Arena 13. For the protection of the trainees and to mitigate the full rigour of Arena 13 contests, there are two changes to the Primary Rules:

  • The whole contest must be fought behind the lacs
  • Kransin is not used on blades for the ritual cut.

3. A Challenge from Hob

  • When Hob visits Arena 13 to make a challenge, a min combatant must fight him on behalf of the Wheel
  • All min combatants must assemble in the green room, where that combatant will be chosen by lottery
  • Grudge match rules apply, but for one: there is no clemency
  • The fight is to the death. But alive or dead, the human combatant may be taken away by Hob. Combatants, spectators.

Secondary Rules

  1. Blades must not be carried into the green room or the changing room.
  2. No Arena 13 combatant may fight with blades outside the arena. An oath must be taken at registration to abide by that rule. Any infringement shall result in a life-time ban from Arena 13 combat.
  3. Spitting in the arena is forbidden.
  4. Cursing and swearing in the arena is forbidden.
  5. Abuse of one’s opponent during combat is forbidden.
  6. In the case of any dispute, the Chief Marshal’s decision is absolute. There can be no appeal.

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