Arena 13: Book No.1

arena 13 book no 1

Hob’s thirteen-spired citadel is built upon a hill. When the sun sinks into the west, its shadow slowly lengthens and those thirteen threatening shadow-fingers pass over the city reaching towards the copper dome of Arena 13.

Some call him ‘Old Hob’.
Others whisper ‘Pouke’ to frighten children.
Some name him ‘Gob’ or ‘Gobble’.
Women call him ‘Fang’.
By any name he is an abomination.
A creature such as this deserves to be cut into pieces and scattered to the winds.
But men are weak and afraid and here Hob rules.

For this is Midgard, the land of a defeated and fallen people. This is the Place Where Men Dwell.


Arena 13 was published on June 4th 2015.

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