School Visits

Joseph is available for school and library visits.

As school visits are not possible, I am proposing another form of interaction.
I have made three short films:

(1) An introduction to some of my books;
(2) The writing process;
(3) The adaptation of my book ,‘The Spook’s Apprentice’ into the film called ‘Seventh Son’.

Each film runs for about fifteen minutes and could be used with groups large or small and followed by a discussion and an invitation to ask questions. You can arrange for the q & a to immediately follow the viewing or send me the questions and I will film my answers and return to you or again arrange a live session to respond to the questions.

Book sales are at your discretion. You could either use your own contacts or I could put you in touch with booksellers I have worked with previously. I can arrange for signed bookplates and bookmarks to be sent to you.

Fill in the form or  contact my publicist  and she will arrange for the films to be sent to you using WeTransfer.
As I wish the films to be new to each group that views them I ask that you do not share them on social media.

This is what one Librarian had to say after a visit from Joseph:

“The visit was a huge success and I have NEVER seen the children so enthralled and captivated when I have had previous authors come and visit. Joseph has such high energy and talks with such animation that the children had to listen hard or they would have missed the boat. What a delight he was. The two teachers present both said (separately) to me that he was the best author they had ever listened to. High praise indeed from these very experienced teachers. I had a stream of children ask when I was going to have the books available to reserve. I lost count after 15. I have told them to go and buy it if they can’t wait.”

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