The Lamia Witch

The Lamia Witch 9/3/2019

Brenda Gountis sent me this poem.
Inspired by “The Last Apprentice: Curse of the Bane”
(Spooks Curse in UK)

Spook Gregory
Mighty though he be –
Is, in the end, only a Man
Weak with Loneliness & Pity

He once had a witch,
Held fast with silver chain –
He aught to have left her thus,
And saved himself the pain.

Instead he quailed and let her go.
Then full of anger at her deceit –
Chained her once again,
And brought her to her feet.

Marching her through hard rain
After a bright and shining dawn –
He strode with purpose,
To the deep pit in Chipenden.

Dragged through brambles by her flaxen hair
Crows and foxes cringed with dread –
On she ranted and screamed,
Fit to wake the Dead.

Frozen on that dizzy edge
He could not force her over-
Poor wretched lonely Spook,
Had taken a Witch as his Lover!

He almost fell in, and then What Sin!
He embraced a Snake Marked One-
Now it is he who is chained to her,
One kiss – and then, he’s all undone!

He gained a silver chain
But lost his mettle to her charms-
What is to be done with a Wretched Spook,
Caught up in a Witch’s arms?

-By Brenda Gountis


2 comments on “The Lamia Witch

  1. Whats the difference in the spooks apprentice and the last apprentice. Which came first. Are they different names for the same books or what? Could you elaborate for me please

    • Yes they are different names for the same book. The Spooks Apprentice (Wardstone Chronicles series) is the UK title and Last Apprentice the US series title. My initial publishing contract was with the UK publisher Random House. They sold the rights to Harper Collins the American publisher who used a different title and cover but the content remained the same.

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