The Lamia Witch

The Lamia Witch 9/3/2019

Brenda Gountis sent me this poem.
Inspired by “The Last Apprentice: Curse of the Bane”
(Spooks Curse in UK)

Spook Gregory
Mighty though he be –
Is, in the end, only a Man
Weak with Loneliness & Pity

He once had a witch,
Held fast with silver chain –
He aught to have left her thus,
And saved himself the pain.

Instead he quailed and let her go.
Then full of anger at her deceit –
Chained her once again,
And brought her to her feet.

Marching her through hard rain
After a bright and shining dawn –
He strode with purpose,
To the deep pit in Chipenden.

Dragged through brambles by her flaxen hair
Crows and foxes cringed with dread –
On she ranted and screamed,
Fit to wake the Dead.

Frozen on that dizzy edge
He could not force her over-
Poor wretched lonely Spook,
Had taken a Witch as his Lover!

He almost fell in, and then What Sin!
He embraced a Snake Marked One-
Now it is he who is chained to her,
One kiss – and then, he’s all undone!

He gained a silver chain
But lost his mettle to her charms-
What is to be done with a Wretched Spook,
Caught up in a Witch’s arms?

-By Brenda Gountis


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