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  1. Mr. Joseph Delaney it is a great honor talking to you(even through the mail). I have read the Wardstone Chronicles up to its 10th installment: ‘The Spook’s Blood’ and I must say I am loving it!! I myself am in the the 8th standard and wish to complete all your books no matter how much time it takes!! I consider your writing witty and rather charming with an occasional scare. I live in India and believe me when I say you are not so famous here!!(I don’t know why!) Any ways the few reader’s of this book are faithful to you and prefer your writing over J.K. Rowling’s or Rick Riordan.(And they should) Your books are not as easily available here as in USA or UK, so it may take a while to finish it all. This goes without saying the that you are truly a great writer!! Hope you receive this message of mine.(If you do can you please please please reply to me!! It is an earnest request from my side.) πŸ™‚
    Signing out
    Koustav Mitra

    • Thanks for your kind words it is always encouraging to get positive comments from readers. I do hope you get to read the other books. There are 13 in the first series, 3 in the second and, so far, 2 in the third Spook’s series (there will probably be more) which begins with the title ‘Brother Wulf’

  2. Hello from this side Kamil from Poland, a big fan of your books, I have read them all, now I’m waiting for Brother Wulf to be translated into my language, because I don’t know English so well, I always wanted to ask you questions and I am very happy that I can write a message I would like to ask a few questions if possible
    1 How the idea for books was born

    2 what is the name of the famous cheese from the county

    3 Will there ever be a book about, for example, the term gregory?

    As I mentioned, I’m from Poland, sorry for my English, I definitely tried πŸ™‚

    • I first got the idea for the Spook’s books when I moved to a village in Lancashire and discovered there was a local boggart. I made a note in my notebook, a man who hunts boggarts, and years later when I had to come up with a story idea at short notice I found that note and developed it. It eventually became a series.

      County cheese is ‘Lancashire Crumbly’ but there is more than one type of Lanc’s cheese available in shops. The crumbly cheese is my favourite.

      John Gregory’s early life is dealt with briefly in ‘The Spook’s Tale’ a World Book Day publication (in 2009).

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