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At the moment, I am just completing the third book in the Brother Wulf Series. The second one is out soon  (6th May).  This is different from what I have done previously but has worked out even better than I hoped. I do not plan much in advance, usually discovering the plot as I write. But this time I did have some idea of the direction in which I wanted to move the characters and story.

The first book, ‘Brother Wulf’ is set firmly in the world of the spook. A young monk called Wulf goes for help to Chipenden and he eventually gets the aid of Tom Ward and Alice to fight a dangerous enemy from the dark.

In the second book, ‘Wulf’s Bane’, Wulf begins as a spook’s apprentice but gradually learns the truth about himself. He has powers in advance of those gifted to a seventh son of a seventh son. Those powers will help him fight the dark but they are also a threat to his own life. If he does not learn to control them properly, he will be destroyed. We are seeing the birth of a fantasy superhero.

In the third book (as yet, it has no title) we see Wulf in action against the most formidable enemy that has ever come out of the dark. The fiend was destroyed in ‘The Spook’s Revenge’ but now he is back and the County is ravaged by dark entities so terrible that even quisitors, with their bands of armed followers, dare not venture out. But there is a new type of hunter of the dark. His name is Wulf.

It is a pity that I can’t visit schools and give talks at the moment. But I have a new system. I have made a number of short films (about four so far and each is about 15 minutes long) for classes to watch. Then they send me their questions and I make another film of my answers that they can also watch in class.

So, if you attend a school and want your class to be involved, please get your teacher to contact me via the email address on this site.




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  1. I got goosebumps just by reading that the fiend is coming back! SO PUMPED FOR THE THIRD EVEN THO THE SECOND HASNT CAME OUT YET!!!

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