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I hope all of you are coping out there – spending most of your time indoors isn’t always much fun. But it doesn’t bother me that much. For one thing, being a writer, I work from home anyway. For another, I don’t mind being alone. By that I don’t mean that I don’t enjoy being with people – family friends or even relative strangers but I can be happy alone.

When I was a child my mother used to say two things when people asked about me. The first one was ‘He always has his head in the clouds!’. By that she meant I was always in a dream and not always concentrating on the world immediately around me. She was right and I still get in trouble for being like that. People get annoyed when you go off into a dream and don’t concentrate on everything that they say. But I am a writer and that’s what writers sometimes do. Their dreams can be more important to them than real life!

The second thing she told people was that I was ‘the cat that walks alone!’ It was because there was an old series of cartoons about ‘Felix the Cat’ which I used to enjoy. So yes, I can walk alone. Just pacing around the house or in the garden helps me to dream up new stories. I read a lot too – sometimes about a book a day as well as writing. So that helps me to keep boredom at bay.

My new Spooks book, ‘Brother Wulf’  was published on April 16th.  But you have to write the next book and finish it a year ahead of its actual publication date. So, I have just finished the first draft of another Brother Wulf book which (for now) is called ‘Doorways to the Dark’ Of course that title might change and, once my editor has read it, I will be working to improve and polish that story. That will probably be published in April 2021.

I have another project too – another book almost completed. Maybe I’ll tell you more about it in my next blog. I like it but it is a lot different than the Spooks books.

So, enjoy yourselves! Read a lot now whilst you’ve got the time. I’ll just keep on walking and dreaming and writing!


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  1. I’m happy for you Mr. Joseph. I just read the first chapter of Borther Wuld and i was amazed by the fact in every book i have read from you i get addicted and i cannot stop reading. I don’t get this feeling with any other book. The way you describe things makes me feel like it is real life and i get the pictures and the scenes from every page. It is just amazing. Im am awaiting Borther Wulf to come and read it in a day or two. Cheers!

  2. Just finished Brother Wulf. It was such a nice thing to have the book during covid lock down. The book was exquisite. It’s good to get back to the county, even better to see Tom in someone’s else eyes. I am looking forward for the next one !
    Best from France

  3. I have not read ‘Brother Wulf’ yet but it happens to be on my list because I am currently on the last book of The Spook series, Dark Assassin. I started these in late November of 2019 and I have not been able to stop reading since in between work and daily life and as much as I can. Please keep writing!

  4. Mr Delaney. I was born, educated and grew up in the UK, a fan of Tolkien, Le Guin and all of the Sci Fi writers around the 70’s. Having left the UK at the age of 29 I started a family in France. I was really happy to see my daughter reading one of your books in English, the first in the series of Aberrations. I borrowed the book and couldn’t put it down. I love the point of view from a child, it’s refreshing and yet not written in a childish way and open to adult teenager audiences. I will be reading a great many of your books in the next few months. Thank you…

    • I am also a fan of Tolkein and Le Guin. Thanks for your message, I am glad to hear you and your daughter enjoy them, I write what I enjoy reading and am pleased when I hear they are read by all ages.

  5. I just finished the 3 Arena 13 books and just loved them. Such a great distraction from the current state of affairs. Awaiting Brother Wulf. I should have it in next couple weeks. I am always pushing the Spook books to anyone that will listen. Have you several new fans.
    Wish you all the best from the U.S.

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