Change the Spooks World


Competition closes August 31st. Email response to or DM via instagram or facebook.

5 comments on “Change the Spooks World

  1. Hello! I have a few questions about your competition.

    1. Can we submit multiple entries? Or just one.

    2. Do we have to carry it on from yours you shared in the clip or not.

    Thanks, sorry if these answers were obvious.

    – Luke

  2. I literally just saw this post on the blog yesterday, and I was so relieved that I still had time to send in an entry before the competition closed today! I spent most of my day brainstorming and whipping up a short story that I could enter as soon as possible. Anyway, to the point now, when can we expect the results for the competition Joseph? There wasn’t much information on the webpage.

    • Thanks for your entry.
      I am reading them now but because of writing commitments I probably won’t be announcing the winner until next week.

  3. So perfect to be changed. I grow up reading it so it resembles me too much now I am not able to change it. I do not lack imagination but changing it would be changing myself. We are grateful to you fo this perfect story, hope you have even better life.

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