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Here are all the responses to the favourite character competition. I really enjoyed reading them and as I said found it very difficult to choose.

What do you think?

My favourite character has to be Bill Arkright. I read the book back in secondary school and Bill really inspired my own love for dogs and his storyline of redemption from an alcoholic to a hero in the Ordeen’s home is truly amazing

My favourite character is Tom ward. I love this character very much. When I read the first book I was twelve years old. The same age as Tom ward. I like the certainly the drive and perseverance of the character. He is also loyal to his friends and above all righteous. I recognize a bit of my self in the character. I’m also a very driven person. I come from Belgium so I speak dutch. Like I said, I read the first book when I was 12. Unfortunately, only the first 4 were translated and I still couldn’t speak enough English to read your books. Now I’m 15 and I started reading your books six months ago. I reread the first 4 and with the money from my birthday and my holiday job I was able to buy the other books. I was very Impressed by the last book by the wardstone chronicle.  When I was young I had a best friend also a girl. While I was reading your book I was supposed to meet her again, but it wasn’t the way it used to be. Our friendship was a little neglected. At the same time, Tom also lost Alice. I recognized my own feelings the way you described Tom’s feelings in your book. That’s why it’s the 2nd reason why Tom ward is my favorite character. It was like watching him grow up with me. I just finished the last book of the starblade chronicles. I really like the last 30 pages. I’ve been waiting a long time for his transformation into a lamia just like his mother. The only pity, I think, is that Jenny never knew who Tom really is and what his gifts were.I really hope I win your book!
Your books are the best I ever have read. Only the movie could be better I found. But for the rest, I’ve never been more impressed by all the books I’ve read. I also always like to read the book when I, for example, go between eating and going to school but have little time to browse the spooks bestiary or read a story from witches.

[SPOILERS] I think that my favourite character is Bill Arkwright because I like the fact that he isn’t like John Gregory or the other human characters that will help Tom in a kind of heroic/helping way. Bill has been destroyed by life and he can’t even get past it, and juste drowns himself with alcohol. I like the fact that he helps Tom become stronger physically and also mentally and the fact that Bill isn’t like a clone of his former master. The evolution that he makes during the two books where he appears is quite realistic, and it makes his sacrifice so much more impactful for us. And seeing him one last time during the 7th book made me happy and sad at the same time. I would have loved to read a book with his point of view! (sorry for my english mistakes)

My favorite character is Kratch. I loved how Tom made a deal with the boggart in the first book and how Kratch is always there when he is needed. The scene that solidified Kratch being my favorite was when Boney Lizzie and Tusk were chasing Tom and he was wondering if the boggart would help. “Cross this line, it said, and I’ll rip out your heart. Cross this line, and I’ll gnaw your bones to pulp and gore. Cross this line, and you’ll wish you’d never been born.” This line gave me chills and Kratch has not disappointed me after

I’ve loved your books ever since I was a kid (going on about 14 years now and I still re-read them).My favourite character out of them all has to be Bill, as his character has grown with each time I read the books. He feels the most humbling, showing a kind and nurturing personality caught in the grips of addiction that closely mirrors the real world. I find a bittersweet irony in his effectiveness against the forces of dark, yet his inability to conquer his internal darkness.His final chapters in the series did him justice, and when I really think about it his character stands out to me more than others for his dark realism.

This is the answer to the competition question “which character is your favorite and why”.
My favorite character is Grimalkin, the Witch Assassin. I first started the “The Wardstone Chronicles” books when I was 12 years old and, since 13 years has passed since then, I kind of grew up with the series. Grimalkin was always very interesting to me, being so strong, fierce and fearless, respected and feared by all, but at first, when we don’t know her story, to young me, she seemed scary and… just “cool” , being an invincible witch assassin following her own honor code. Who wouldn’t like to be like her? Well, I got older and I still want to be like her, but for different reasons.
Later on we learn more about her tragic past (her child with the Fiend, which she loved and he killed), which gives her the motivation and want to revenge and so eventually she becomes an ally to Tom. That was the point when she stopped being seen as “bad” and became a “gray” character. She based her actions on her own judgement, not thinking only in “dark”/”light” categories.
She proved herself to be trustworthy, reliable, she always put the good of the cause, that she believed in, over her own life and was unbelievably brave. That makes her a great and inspiring model of a strong, independent woman, who can and will fight for herself.

Good day Mister Delaney! I’m Michael from the US and I love your Spook’s books; I’m restarting the series fresh soon so I can finish it and continue with the following series. My favorite character of the Spook’s series so far would have to be Morgan from book 3, because he has that dark and forboding past with John Gregory. It proved to me as I read about him that a job with John Gregory is not a pleasant thing, and bad things can happen to anyone any day.

This is in response to your competition I saw on Facebook. Thank you for publishing your books. I and many others love them. I look forward to reading the rest of the story
My favorite character is Grimalkin. Because she is a really strong character. She does not fight senselessly, she fights strategically and unlike most witches she doesn’t cheat and lie. Besides her intimidating looks and abilities she is also a good allied and a friend. I think one of the best thing about her is that she has a strong mindset and she doesn’t run, she faces the consequences of her actions and she knows what must be done even if thats going to result to her death.

My favourite character is Alice. We’ve watched her grow and battle with her family name and bloodline as well as watch her grow into the powerful which she is today. It was amazing to see her and Tom together as well and having Tilda 🥰 I can’t wait to see her on this new journey being a mum and fighting for her daughter

Thomas Ward for obvious reasons. I like how he grows as a character. I love his relationship with Alice, his mum and especially his master. How he applies his trade as a spook and just learns from his mistakes. Definitely your best character Mr. Delaney and cant wait to read more about him.

My favourite character is John Gregory because he is strong and guiding.I love his teaching style.Whatever Tom does he can’t fire him because he ( although John is angry) loves Tom and he is believing to Tom.I’m in eleventh book of Wardstone Diaries and I hope he always guides to Tom and Alice.

100% its gotta be grimalkin! i actually have a tattoo of her symbol of the scissors just below my knee, every time i see it i cant help but smile because growing up i looked up to her character so much for how strong and fearless she was. 💕

For me it is Alice because I think that she is a powerful young woman and that during all the books she always fighting for some reason also is love the love story with her I Tom. Even do that maybe I will not win can you please like or comment my comment that will make my day. Big fan from Quebec City in Canada

It’s got to be John Gregory. I adore how much he cares for his library. I also really like the angst with the domestic Lamia and when Tom chose his mother over his apprenticeship. And I find it amazing how loyal he is to the Country. I really enjoy his character!🙃

I love Lief. His story with his parents is touching and that with Kwin too. He is a strong character who is ready to sacrifice himself to destroy Hobbs without anyone asking him. His dual membership with two different “races” makes him a very complete character.

Alice Deane most definitely! Without her, Tom wouldn’t be able to succeed and she’s just such a force to be reckoned with! The first strong female lead I came across in books and have loved her ever since!

Definitely Thomas J. Ward !
If I read the whole series of books, it’s not because we were following the adventures of Jack Ward. but those of the spook’s apprentice !

Bit of a curveball but my favourite character has to be Bill Arkwright. Not the perfect character as he has his (pretty blatant) flaws, but beyond all his shortcomings he’s a good man and friend to Tom – and overall a great spook. If nothing else, it’s his dogs that secure his top spot for me, as they add an extra layer to the story and continue his legacy in the later books as the best companions a Spook could ask for!

John Gregory all the way, he’s firm but fair and seems a good teacher to Tom. As a cack-handed Lancastrian I definitely relate to the Spook’s! (Would love to see Ralph Ineson play him in a future film or TV adaptation)

Honestly out of all of your characters throughout all of the books I’ve read, that you have written would be Kratch the Boggart. He’s a smaller character than some of the more important characters to the story. The reason why Kratch is my favourite is because he’s proof that even a small less important character can have a huge impact. First throughout the last apprentice series he simply made breakfast, cleaned, and protected the garden. But when Tom when down the stairs and he got whacked, and when he purred showing a ginger cat this showed me he was more important than you first think of him because he’s got his own personality. I love that later he gets to do more things he gets to help Tom and John amd even gets a piece of the Fiend himself. Kratch taught me that even if he’s a minor character he’s still a character and deserves his own personality.

I have to say that my favorite character is Slither, although he lives in a society where things don’t seem right, he realizes that maybe all he has grown up with has been wrong. I especially like how he starts to take a more gentle attitude towards humans. Especially when he describes how he feels when “Little Nessa” got so near to him. I would love yo see more of his story. Great books by the way! 😎👍😊

It’s hard to chose one character, but I think , my favourite character it is Grimalkin from “Wardstone chronicles”. Because she’s very strong, dangerous, powerful, smart and I’d like to be like her.

Winning is not my ambition, but these comments are all incredibly interesting, and I wanted to share my own thoughts with them. I have a lot of favourite characters, but to be completely honest, I’ve always found it thrilling when the Fiend joined scenes. He was incredibly powerful and manipulative, completely motivated by his self ambition, which made him a formidable enemy. He was by far my favourite antagonist in the wardstone chronicles, and while I’ve never felt his malevolence toward others, I have encountered parts of myself that are equally devoted in their attempt to destroy me. So, while he was an evil antagonist, and one of the characters people were meant to dislike, I still found him intriguing and relatable. I know we all experience inner turmoil at some point in our lives, and, for me, the Fiend was the definition of that misery. So maybe I misinterpreted the point of this challenge, but it was through the defeat of the Fiend that I found the most satisfaction in reading this series.

My favorite character was Grimalkin! I love the way her character is so complex and interesting. She is a ruthless killer but also a caring mother and tutor . Whenever she does something she plans it all out strategically, and unlike most other witches, she fights fair and doesn’t resort to lies and trickery. The book “I am Grimalkin” was definitely one of my favorite of the series, I loved getting insights on Grimalkin’s journey and how she felt during those moments. Throughout the books we see how even though she is still a murderous witch, she becomes allies with the spooks and Tom to accomplish her goals. She stands for what she believes in and doesn’t let anything get in her way. I find her very inspiring in the sense that she never gives up whenever something unexpected happens and she always keeps on fighting. Can’t wait to read more about her in later books!

Favorite character is Alice Deane. Most likely because if I were Tom Ward I would’ve fallen for her already, but I love the way she CHOOSES to help the light although she’s grown with the dark. A true sign of an honestly good character. Plus, she’s strong as heck, and I love the relationship she has with Tom Ward. She also reminds us that you don’t need to be classy and mild mannered to be someone worthy of respect. Actions speak louder than words, and her actions can fill volumes!

My favorite character is Grimalkin because of the power and will she shows being a woman at that time. I see her as different kind of character, like more human than the others. She has suffered, but that only made her stronger and Grimalkin is not afraid of showing her real essence.

My favorite character is Alice because even though she can be childish, she is brave. She is also trying to figure out what actions of hers are good and bad. She is a strong character who has an endless amount of love for Tom.

My favorite character is grimalkin because she is pretty much undefeatable and powerful. The way she is introduced and how we learn about her throughout the books as a ruthless killer and assassin, to the point where we learn about her protege and we finally see her softer, more vulnerable, side. Also I love the character ark of her being an extremely dangerous foe to tom, to her helping him defeat evil.

It was a hard decision to make but John Gregory won my heart (Alice Deane nearly won but Mr. Gregory was stronger) 😂

Grimalkin will always win it for me. Loved that the character was very 2 dimensional. Heartless killer but also caring mother and friend

I can probably say, that it is Leif. After the death of his parents he don’t stop and committed dreams of his Dad.

Alice, because everything she has done was for Tom(bad things or good things) she is loyal to Tom since the book began until the end, even if she left behind Tom for sometimes it was for Tom, not matter what she does, everything she did and does are for Tom. And the most important thing is that the power that she reach didn’t change her and we have to say wow how strong she is!

Heyy @josephdelaneyauthor here is my competition entry – my favourite character is Alice. She is my favourite because she is loyal, kind and her heart is in the right place. I like Alice because although she’s made some bad choices in the books, she’s always gone back and made it right. We all make mistakes in life. Some good and some bad. Alice teaches us many things, and to know which side your bread is buttered. She resembles a lot of people. She’s made some bad choices but haven’t we all. And I resonate with her a lot. She’s always got Toms back. She’s always there for him no matter what. She always goes back to her best friend, her soul mate, Tom. She represents a good friend. A loyal friend. A brave friend. I wish I had an Alice for a friend. No matter what she has, she never forgets her friend.

I definitely love Alice! The Last Apprentice was the first series that started me with reading. Although Alice was first written as a “bad character” (since us readers and Tom saw it in Mr. Gregory’s perspective), I realized her sad position as the forced kid that needs to carry out adult responsibilities to survive. Yes, she started in the wrong foot, but over time, she grew to become a person that was far from the destiny that was meant for her. She managed to follow what her will and heart says. Besides that, her love for Tom (and his for her too) was beautifully written. She didn’t become the damsel-in-distress kind of character; instead, she travelled in the darkest paths with Tom and stayed true to her witch roots, while also keeping the normal, human part of her.

My favorite character is Bill Arkwright because I really relate to his issue with being sad and angry. It sounds stupid but for personal reasons I really relate to the way he speaks (how I imagine it in my head while reading) but also his issue with anger, which I sadly also have. I do not have a relationship with alcohol, but his character still speaks to me in a way few other characters have. I also love dogs; Blood, Teeth, Claw or Bone (if that’s their names in English, I read a translated version) is what I’m planning to name my dog when I get one. I think I will name it Claw, but haven’t yet decided.

Even if I don’t win this competition, I really love your books. They really shaped my childhood and teenage years. Thank you!
My favorite character is Grimalkin. Her past says a lot about who she is. It’s said that malevolent witches loose all feeling and become heartless, but she had a baby boy and loved him and still does, but the fiend killed him. So now she is full of rage and wants to avenge him. When grimalkin was first introduced she was this well respected deadly assassin with a high reputation. Feared by many. She respected Tom especially when he stabbed her. In book 6 she helped Tom kill morena with the bloody eye. She realized to kill the fiend she needed to improvise and team up with the light. Then she continued fighting for the dark betraying her clan and the dark. To me that’s heroic because she’s fighting for what’s right and she’s fighting for the light. She’s been trained as a kid to be a dark witch. Instead she has changed to a better person. She has always put her life on the line to help others. She almost died protecting the fiends head. She is kinda like me with a bold attitude and cockiness. But she also has heart and passion for what she does. She has a small loyal friend group that has her back.





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