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BLOG: February 2021

During my attempts to get published I was rejected about 96 times. Since the publication of ‘The Spook’s Apprentice’ in 2004 I have received no further rejections.

That might be about to change!

I have just submitted an adult Science Fantasy manuscript to a publisher. It is one that I have been working on (from time to time) for over fifteen years. Will it be rejected? Possibly – I will let you know!

I am also working on a new Spooks/Wulf book and hope to complete the first draft by May or June this year. Recently, I have read the proofs and approved the cover for the second book – ‘Wulf’s Bane’ which will be published May 6th in the UK.

I have just learned that some authors are finding it difficult to write during lockdown. I feel sorry that they have such problems (lockdown affects everyone differently) but, although I would like to be out and about, working from home has been my routine during the past fifteen years. What I am looking forward to (even more than the end of social restrictions) is longer evenings of daylight and warmer weather. They will both be big distractions! That is when I may find writing more difficult!

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  1. I hope your new book gets published Mr. Delaney! And I cant wait for covid and the restrictions , lockdowns to be over too. Keep on writing! I’m excited for a third book in Brother Wulf. I know the second will live up to my expectations!

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