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BLOG: February 2021

During my attempts to get published I was rejected about 96 times. Since the publication of ‘The Spook’s Apprentice’ in 2004 I have received no further rejections.

That might be about to change!

I have just submitted an adult Science Fantasy manuscript to a publisher. It is one that I have been working on (from time to time) for over fifteen years. Will it be rejected? Possibly – I will let you know!

I am also working on a new Spooks/Wulf book and hope to complete the first draft by May or June this year. Recently, I have read the proofs and approved the cover for the second book – ‘Wulf’s Bane’ which will be published May 6th in the UK.

I have just learned that some authors are finding it difficult to write during lockdown. I feel sorry that they have such problems (lockdown affects everyone differently) but, although I would like to be out and about, working from home has been my routine during the past fifteen years. What I am looking forward to (even more than the end of social restrictions) is longer evenings of daylight and warmer weather. They will both be big distractions! That is when I may find writing more difficult!

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  1. I hope your new book gets published Mr. Delaney! And I cant wait for covid and the restrictions , lockdowns to be over too. Keep on writing! I’m excited for a third book in Brother Wulf. I know the second will live up to my expectations!

  2. Thank you for the 7-day binge Mr. Delaney. I recently found my copy of ‘Curse of the Bane’ that I had acquired during my youthful days at a book fair (’twas a good cover for I had never read nor heard of ‘the apprentice’) and reread it for the umpteenth time. Younger me lacked the funds to get your first book so it came to be 12 years time before my nostalgia finally sought out the first book, and evidently not my last. In short time, I blitzed all the way to Wulf’s tale and await excitedly for the sequels. A question came to mind for which I do not know if the answer lies in the short stories: was there a reason why you decided Tom and The Spook never bumped into Meg while in Greece? It felt sad that their quest brought them so very close before separating them until death claimed both.

    • Good to hear they still held your interest 12 years later!!
      I just thought that because Greece is quite a large country and they would not have time to travel elsewhere, it would be too much of a coincidence to have them meet up.

  3. Hi I am eagerly awaiting the release of (Brother Wulf) Wolf’s Bane i am hoping to get a signed copy from Beyond Books oi have set out on a mission to read the Wardstone chronicles, Starblade chronicles and Brother Wulf before the release of Wolf’s Bane I also would like to request that we meet Tom’s other brothers as I have always wondered what they are like.

    • I have no present plans to use Tom’s other brothers in the books but that might change one day!

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