Halloween Extract Wulf 3 – The Last Spook

I looked through the window again and was astonished at just how many people had assembled on the green. There must have been over thirty covens of witches and amongst them some men. They had gathered in groups. The bonfire at the centre looked bigger than ever. They’d probably added more wood.

This was a big enterprise. My suspicion was beyond doubt now. This would be no fleeting sabbath visit by the Fiend.

They were going to celebrate Halloween by enabling him to walk the earth.

A new age of darkness would begin.

All that Tom, John Gregory and I had done all those years ago would be for nothing.

I had one last hope – one that I would use with great reluctance and only as a last resort.

I would try to summon Wulf.

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    • The blood cakes are usually made from either human or animal blood. Very occasionally the Fiend might donate his own blood to a favoured witch granting her extreme power!

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