July Blog Writing ‘Wulf Two’

I have just finished another draft of ‘Wulf Two’ and it has gone off to my editor. Once again, it features Wulf, Tom Ward, Alice and Spook Johnson but there is also a character who makes a large and unexpected contribution to the story.

A large part of the book belongs to the spook’s world and completes the narrative of the struggle against the evil goddess, Circe. But there are also new elements. At the end of the previous book, Wulf became Spook Johnson’s apprentice but there were hints that he is not a seventh son of a seventh son. So, what is Wulf and what are his special gifts and abilities? In the new book we find out and the story moves in a new direction. Below there is a short extract. I hope that you like it!

Very suddenly, the trees ended and I faced a bare rocky slope with hundreds of stone steps that led to a village perched on the high summit of a hill. The buildings gleamed white in the sunlight and right at the top was the largest building of all, complete with marble pillars and architecture that pronounced it to be Grecian. It shone like a palace plucked from a tale of princes and princesses, of magic and heroic deeds.

I knew that I’d almost reached the end of my journey but this was no scene from a wondrous story for the delight and entertainment of children.

Unless they liked nightmares.

I was gazing upon the dwelling of Circe.

Within the walls of her high palace, things spawned in Hell were hiding from the sun.

8 comments on “July Blog Writing ‘Wulf Two’

  1. I still have to read the first one. I hope to have finished it before the ‘Wulf Two’ is out.
    As for Circe, seh is not mean :/, she just has her own agenda, just like any deity of the Greek pantheon. Handling venom and turning enemies into animals can be necessary… who knows?! hahaha

  2. Will brother wulf be coming out on audio book? My fingers are 🤞🏻, love all your books & have them all on audio too .

    • The publisher has confirmed there will be an audio book of Brother Wulf and Wulf’s Bane but I don’t know when they will be released.

  3. Hello Mr Delaney
    I love your series and the fact that it continue with another POV is really good! I am just a little bit disapointed because Tom as such a big power, and Alice too!! They could have been the hunters of the county darkness, live « spooks » but even more!! I feel like you let this idea alone wich is okay but I hope one day, we will se them training Thilda to be a excellent spook and even (maybe she could be a 7daugher of alice, and have witch power, lamia blood, and jenny’s power!) I don’t want tom or Alice to die yet, there potentiel is really not over!
    I also wanted to know when will wulf bane be in french!! (And why is the cover always so beautiful in this language!!)
    Have a great day!

    • The second book Le fléau du Tulpan (“Tulpar’s Bane”) is out in France April 20, although there is apparently a delay getting the books to the bookstores so a new date will be advised. France have maintained the old covers throughout and I agree, they are beautiful.

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