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Recently, one thing that has occupied my time has been making short films for use in schools. One of them was my personal account of how ‘The Spook’s Apprentice’ was turned into a film called ‘Seventh Son’.

As some of you may know, the film was a disappointment to me because it differed so much from the book. Strangely, (apart from the changes) revisiting it has made realise that the film is far better than I first judged it to be. Looking at its box-office record it also was more successful than I remembered. It was the No1 film in Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. It also did well in China, which has very recently been assessed as the biggest film market in the world having just gone ahead of the USA.

Of course, it failed in the USA and there will probably never be a sequel. Hopefully, the film people will release the film rights soon and then it could be taken up by a TV production company. Interest has already been expressed. So, we shall see!

During the new lockdown, I will be busy writing as usual. I’ve been writing a new Science Fiction book for adults and I am also working on a short story which is very much set in the world of the Spook. I also think it is time to start re-reading some of my own books! That might sound strange but it is now eighteen years since I wrote ‘The Spook’s Apprentice’ and I get questions from readers that make me realise that I have forgotten some of the things that they ask about!

I will be busy writing and reading. What will you be occupying yourselves with during Lockdown November?  (if you are in lockdown) ?

If  you haven’t seen the film trailer you can check it out here:





5 comments on “November blog

  1. I have no doubt you are busy and I imagine you don’t have time to reply to every comment however, I would LOVE to see a short story that encompassed the first conversation between Alice Deane and Lamia from the first Spook’s book! It would illuminate so many aspects of the later books. If you ever have the time and inclination, I can assure you the demand is high for it! Thank you for your amazing stories.

  2. As I read the series, the idea of a television series kept popping into my head. I hope you can get that going, and if you do I hope they make it accurate. If it is, you’ll have a lot of fans interest. I also agree that the movie was kind of a let-down, but it got some things right and it isn’t the worst book to movie adaptation I’ve seen.

    • if that does happen…please,please fight to keep it close to the books like HP etc.

      Seventh son was a good movie but it wasn’t the world the books took me to nor did it have the suspense the books did. just lots of special effects and a dragon? 😂

      anyway dreaming of the day because I love the series 😊

  3. I really do hope that the spooks gets a complete remake…it had such potential to be a dark yet amazing series of films or even a netflix series.

    I’ve loved the books and still re read them to this day.

    thank you for creating the world with Tom 😇

  4. Please please please get the spooks books to Netflix for a series. The film was a major disappointment after reading the books. If a series can be made and is accurate to the books then I’m certain it will be a hit. Especially if it’s as thrilling as the books. Thank you for writing these books they are my favourites to read. Have recently started again with audiobooks and very much enjoying it.

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