How do you get published ?

That is the question that I am frequently asked via the website and at school events. The answer is ‘with […]

February Blog

February 2020. I’m looking forward to the publication of ‘Brother Wulf’ on April 16, this year. It is really great […]

The Beast Awakens

“They heard shouting, and cries of fear. Crafty looked down the slope and realised what had happened to cause so […]

Commodore 64

My ‘Commodore 64’ and ‘Arena 13’. ‘Arena 13’ started with my Commodore 64 computer and a language called ‘FORTH’. The […]

Seven Songs for a Seventh Son

Spooks Playlist Recently I suggested a list of songs that an ARENA 13 combatant might listen to whilst preparing to […]

Gladiator Playlist

This is a playlist I was asked to write a while ago for an Arena 13 promotion. What would your […]