Alice Churchill

Alice looked down and ran her finger over the crescent moon on her left leg. She remembered the time that her aunt told her how when the moon became full she would belong to the dark. But hadn’t she always? She was the daughter of the devil. She remembered when the moon became full when she read the doomdryte. She had given in, become what she thought the world wanted her to be. But she would never be that, never be what the world thought she was. She was the most powerful witch ever born, and she would be the last.

When Alice started using her magic for good, when she started harnessing the power of the elements instead of borrowing power from the devil, that is when the moon on her leg began to change. That’s when she knew that she was different, more than she thought, more than the devil had guessed. She would bring the end to the darkness that haunted this world. She would bring a new beginning, a world where evil did not manifest itself in the form of witches and other creatures a spook had to fight. By harnessing the power of nature she would fulfill the prophecy, the wardstone prophecy. She would bring an end to the darkness, with Tom Ward’s help of course.

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