Billy Brindley

I feel so alone in this house, and vulnerable beyond belief. The scratching noises from the dark and damp cellar ceased almost immediately. I began to sweat as time seemed to stand still. I was stood there on the stone cold floor, all alone shaking with every breath I took, using all my strength to hold up the candle in my hand and keep it alight. All of the sudden I could hear the sound of heavy boots thudding up the cellar steps, as If someone or something was making it’s way closer towards me. I start to panic, my heart racing at a thousand miles an hour. I start to sweat more and more as the sound of the steps seemed as though they were just outside the door. I all of a sudden reach my breaking point and go into complete panic. I drop the candle on the floor as it goes out instantly. I rip open the door and run without taking one look back. Making my way down the cold streets, knocking over carts of coal as I start to make my way home. Number thirteen Watery lane is a house I never want to remember. I never wanted this, i was so angry and confused as to why my parents would even let me choose a career path like this. I’m Tom ward, the seventh son of a seventh son. I belong on the farm with my family, not stuck doing this. I hope my parents understand that I’m just not made for this, I’m sure there is someone else who can keep the county safe in the future, someone much stronger and braver than me. The county will be better off without my protection. I will stick to what I know best, being a farm boy.


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