What If? A New Darkness – Dillon Watson

To the reader brave enough to read my short tale. This tale takes place at the battle of the Wardstone. The tale of what would happen if Tom Ward failed to destroy the fiend. There are plenty of What if stories out there but this one will reveal the darkest of the dark when its master the fiend. The devil himself, the dark made flesh has been tortured horribly by the witch assassin Grimalkin. First she helped by capturing his head and then trapped his body by iron spears with the help of Tom Ward and John Gregory The Spook. Then Grimalkin smashed his yellow teeth and removed his eye. They all deserve to pay for there act upon him. Now its time for The Fiends Revenge.”

Chapter 1:They Will All Pay(The Fiend) I watched as Tom Ward my enemy approached me with the three hero swords. His silly mother used them against me once before. I have a slither of fear remembering the first time when I was trapped. I am bound to the rock just after my body has been restored. I warn my enemy I’m going to kill him for his part in all this. He should have become my friend. We would rule the dark together and forever stronger and more powerful. As he swings the sword to remove my thumbs I get lucky and my arm is free. I catch Tom on the side of his head. I see that he is unconscious. I free my bounds ripping the ropes that bound me. I head over to the unconscious boy. Now you’ll pay I growl . With my massive foot I stamp on his head squishing it like a grape. I feel his blood, bones, brains and eye balls stuck to my foot. I smile. Not all satisfied I pick up the dead form and rip it in two pieces. Now Mr Ward your soul is all mine. But first I must destroy those you brought with you.

Chapter 2:My soul belongs to him (Tom Ward) I wake up with a painful headache. I roughly remember what had happened at the battle. I stand up and notice I am not on earth no more. Suddenly my instincts kick in. I am dead. My clothes are covered in dirt and blood. Then another thought I remember. A lump comes in my throat. I have failed the county. I have failed my mam. All that time preparing me to destroy the fiend for nothing. Then tears come down my face. John Gregory died for nothing too. I’ll never see him again. Suddenly I get a cold chill. The Fiend emerges. He is in the form of Mathew Gilbert the bargemen. Now Tom your all mine he growls. Your going to pay.

Chapter 3:Pain and reborn I feel immense pain and agony the worst I’ve ever felt as a spooks apprentice. After months of non stop torture. Well it felt like months its hard to tell when you are in constant agony. The fiend starts playing tricks on me. Showing me my mams death then the spooks over and over again. You can stop this pain said the fiend inside my head. How? I ask. Please the pain is too much. You know Tom I have been thinking during our time we have had together and its time you owed me back. What do you mean? I ask. The Fiend laughs. I’ll take the pain away and restore you to the living world but you must do as I ask. I’LL NEVER HELP YOU! I scream. Very well the fiend says in a low voice. Maybe this will change your mind. A form staggers into view wearing a hood and cloak. I recognize him immediately. Its The Spook.

Help me lad! I cant take this pain no more said The Spook. The fiend has taken me from limbo and trapped and tortured me here. I’m sorry master I cant I cried. The fiend wants me to do his bidding I cant do it. Suddenly The Fiend’s voice replaces the spooks. Okay Tom if you don’t do my bidding I’ll kill Alice. Alice spawns in next to the fiend in the spooks form. Help Tom he has captured me. He’s killed so many of our allies not to mention the wolfhounds are all dead too. Silence girl! The Fiend hisses. I’ll make this simple Tom if you don’t do as I command I’ll kill Alice and your entire family. Please don’t harm her I beg. There has been so much death already. Please I cant live without her lowering my head tears dropping from my face to the floor. Then a loud cry bursts from Alice’s mouth a sword through her chest. I fall to my knees crying and so much anger fills my soul. Now Tom the Fiend says do I have your attention? Yes I sob my body shaking. Do you swear to do what I command? Yes I said crying and filled with anger.

Rise now Tom the fiend says. I do as he says, I wipe the tears from my eyes and face. Suddenly I am wearing a black spooks cloak with blood and weapons strapped to my body the same way Grimalkin wore her scabbards. You look the part now Tom! says the fiend with a smile across his face. His body slowly shapeshifts back to his ordinary form. Before I set your first task you must have the power of the legendary dark gods. This power has never been seen because it has been heavily cloaked by my magic. I look at him what do you mean by legendary dark magic that has not been seen. Suddenly the fiend reaches into my heart. I scream ten times as much when I was tortured. I feel my body shacking and something else. Hatred and nothing. No emotions at all. It is as if I’m a ghost.


Chapter 4: Tom Ward is no more I am not Tom Ward no longer. I stand up and look into the eyes of my master. How do you feel? he demands. I feel nothing but anger and the need for blood. I can taste the copper of the blood in my mind. It feels so good that I drool. Here? my master commands. I approach his side. He shows me a mirror. My reflection is a dead boy who used to be Tom. Except I look like death. My skin is pale and blood leaks from my eyes that are balls of fire like Mother Malkin. I am very skinny that like a skeleton. I pull my hood up. Here the fiend commands handing me a long and sharp scythe. You are my slave now my master says showing his sharp broken teeth. You’ll bring death to my enemies and cause death around the world. You are my reaper smiled the fiend…… My Grim Reaper.

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