Brother Wulf The Last Spook

The third book in the Brother Wulf Series. 

We are entering a new age of darkness. Hell has grown in power and neither priest nor Spook can do anything about it. So go home now while you can . . . Years have passed since Wulf and Tilda vanished from the County. Alice and Tom have given up hope of ever seeing them again – until a terrible enemy from the past forces them to take drastic action, and reach out through time in a bid for help. Now Wulf faces the greatest and most powerful demon who has ever walked the Dark: the Fiend. He will have to use all his powers – and gather some new ones – to have even a chance of survival . . .



4 comments on “Brother Wulf The Last Spook

  1. Hey, writing this again because I wrote it on the wrong book- The last spook was soooo good, I loved the thrill and suspense with the epic battle scenes. It was every sad though near the end because I didn’t expect such an abrupt ending for all our other beloved protagonists. I just know Wulf’s War will be so good! Any chance a new series linked to the spooks will form out later? Perhaps one about Jenny!

    • Sadly no longer but I am glad to hear you enjoyed it. It was quite a sudden and abrupt end to favourite characters but although he loved fantasy Joe did like some elements of his stories to mimic real life

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