Brother Wulf The Last Spook

The third book in the Brother Wulf Series. 

We are entering a new age of darkness. Hell has grown in power and neither priest nor Spook can do anything about it. So go home now while you can . . . Years have passed since Wulf and Tilda vanished from the County. Alice and Tom have given up hope of ever seeing them again – until a terrible enemy from the past forces them to take drastic action, and reach out through time in a bid for help. Now Wulf faces the greatest and most powerful demon who has ever walked the Dark: the Fiend. He will have to use all his powers – and gather some new ones – to have even a chance of survival . . .



8 comments on “Brother Wulf The Last Spook

    • Are you talking about the availability of the Brother Wulf series in the US. As it is not published in the US it is also not available as an audio book or on kindle. The publisher had been working hard to sell BW in the US but sadly wasn’t picked up before Joe died

      • Any chance it gets picked up in the future? Just finished the Spook books and didn’t realize this series wasn’t available until I tried to buy it on kindle.

  1. Hey, writing this again because I wrote it on the wrong book- The last spook was soooo good, I loved the thrill and suspense with the epic battle scenes. It was every sad though near the end because I didn’t expect such an abrupt ending for all our other beloved protagonists. I just know Wulf’s War will be so good! Any chance a new series linked to the spooks will form out later? Perhaps one about Jenny!

    • Sadly no longer but I am glad to hear you enjoyed it. It was quite a sudden and abrupt end to favourite characters but although he loved fantasy Joe did like some elements of his stories to mimic real life

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