The Dark Assassin

dark assassin

Book No: 3 of 3

The third chilling instalment in the new Spook’s legend . . .

An assassin lurks in the darkness between earth and oblivion – but who are they, and what is their mission?

The people of the County live in fear of the beasts bent on bringing the war to their home. How can they possibly hope to survive when their fearsome enemies are fortified with the power of a god?

Could the creature that moves in the darkness be the saviour the County seeks?

12 comments on “The Dark Assassin

    • Dark Assassin is the last in that series but the first in a new series is out next year. The first and series title is Brother Wulf’ will be published in May 2020. It will feature Tom and Alice and an appearance from Grimalkin. But there will be a new narrator. Some questions will be answered but not all of them!

    • Book 2 in the Brother Wulf series will be out next year. I have posted an extract in a blog on this site.

    • Will you be doing more books I really like reading the spooks books It take me into a nuth world you are amazing

      • I hope to have a third book in the Brother Wulf series out next year (no publishing contract yet ) and I am currently working on new book unrelated to anything I have previously written.

  1. I grew up with the last apprentice books and i really hope that you continue the story of Tom, but I also hope you continue the story of slither and the kabalos.

  2. I love the series. Please could you let me know why Alice’s mark was removed from Tom when she had to go with Lukrasta. Was it to show her loyalty to Lukrasta? Also, did Alice put another mark on Tom later on?

    Thank you for an amazing series.

    • Yes, Tom lost the mark because Pan forced Alice to live with Lukrasta. Alice did not replace the mark. There was no need because by then their commitment to each other was clear and strong.

  3. All I say is .hands down the spooks books are the best books you made. and im half way through the Dark army now .but that saying why don t you build it up to the point when jenny comes a full spooks. So then you have tom books then there’s jenny side also but that down the line .it’s a idea for you also. And hopefully they mske a series out of it .cause they can cover so much more in it .

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