The Spook’s Blood


Book No: 10 of 13

The book begins with a visit to Malkin Tower where Tom finally learns what must be done to destroy the Fiend for all time. He is devastated by the demands of the ritual and wishes he had never been born
Tom and John Gregory are then lured away to Todmorden, on the border of the County, by the promise of books to begin the re-stocking of the Chipenden library. But all is not what it seems. Nobody dares go out after sunset and the townsfolk are afraid of the ‘foreigners’ who dwell across the river Calder. Soon they are fighting for their lives against forces of the dark and even the combined strength of Tom, John Gregory, Alice and Grimalkin may not be enough to prevail. Spook’s blood is shed and the voracious Vampire God, Siscoi, is summoned from the dark.


A Visit from Mam.
“But I think you will prove to be much more disciplined than I was because you have a strong sense of duty, its seed planted by your own father and nurtured by John Gregory. Not only that, my powerful blood flows within your veins with gifts inherited from me. Use everything that I have bequeathed to you. You must destroy the Fiend whatever the cost.”

“If not the consequences will be terrible. Imagine a world completely in the thrall to the dark! There would be famine, disease and lawlessness. Families would be divided; brother would kill brother. The Fiend’s servants would be unchecked, preying at will on men, women and children, devouring their flesh and drinking their blood. And where would you be, son? You would exist at the heart of that horror, knowing that your failure has caused the situation. Even worse – you might no longer care because you would have lost yourself – yielded your soul to the Fiend to have become one of his creatures. All that could come to pass unless you act decisively. The people of the County and the wider world beyond need you to do the necessary thing. I am sure you won’t let them down despite the cost to you personally. I’m sorry, son, but I can stay no longer. Destroy the Fiend – that’s what it is important and it’s your destiny to do so! That’s why you were born.”

Mam began to fade and I called out to her desperately. “Please, Mam, don’t go yet. We need to talk some more. There’s got to be another way. This can’t be right! I can’t believe what you’re asking me to do!”

As Mam faded she was changing back to the form of the fierce lamia with the feathered wings. The last thing I saw was her cruel eyes. Then she was gone.

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