The Spook’s Revenge


Book No: 13 of 13

The final book in the Wardstone Chronicles.

“Then he did a strange thing: he shook my hand – something that happened very rarely, because nobody wanted to shake hands with a spook. Even when my dad and John Gregory had agreed the terms of my apprenticeship, they hadn’t shaken hands. He’d certainly never taken mine before.”

“It made me feel strange. In one way it was as if he was treating me as an equal – a fellow spook rather than just the apprentice that he was training. Yet I felt a chill in my heart. It seemed like the end of something.”

Is Tom’s time as an apprentice drawing to a close?  In this final instalment of the Wardstone Chronicles Tom and John Gregory must destroy the Fiend once and for all.  Can they still rely on their previous allies and  what price will they pay.

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