Wulf’s Bane

Brother Wulf Series

There are two books in the series so far and I am now writing a third. The first one, ’Brother Wulf’, was published in May 2020. The next one will be out soon (May 2021) and is called ‘Wulf’s Bane’.

Both are set within the world of the Spook and feature Tom, Alice and Grimalkin some years after the end of ‘The Starblade Chronicles’.

There is a new hero called Wulf and a new threat.

He has been trained as a monk but it seems that his destiny is to become a spook’s apprentice. But is he really a seventh son of a seventh son? Even Alice is not sure but she can tell that he has powerful gifts.

In ‘Wulf’s Bane’ we find out what Wulf really is and the events become stranger and darker.

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  1. I remember being around 8 or 9 years old in the early 2000’s, dreading the idea of going to my public library to find a book to read. However, when I was browsing the fantasy fiction section, your book, “The Last Apprentice: Revenge of the Witch”, really grabbed my attention and pulled me from reality. I remember the book taking me a few days to read, and when I was done, I would actually look forward to the next library trip, because I knew I would be able to read more from the TLA series. The library only had a few books of your series, and I was really sad when I was unable to finish the series

    As an adult, during this coronavirus pandemic, I stumbled upon the TLA series once again, and I knew it was time for me to finally finish reading the series. First and foremost, I am so glad that you are still writing and updating Spook’s World! Furthermore, I must say that your writing has improved from book to book, but I was sad when “The Starblade Chronicles” ended so abruptly. TSC felt like it warranted at least 1 more in its saga (although I do not blame you, I feel like you wanted to write more in this series, but were forced to rush the ending and keep it a trilogy). 🙁 As I am waiting for Wulf Bane to be released in the US, I do have a few questions (I hope you don’t mind answering them!)

    Do you ever plan on writing a standalone and posting it on your website/blog about how Alice and Tom sort their differences with one another (especially since Tom can transform) and how they find their way back together between the time period of TSC ending and beginning of “Brother Wulf” series? Do you also plan on explaining why Alice was at home, waiting for Tom, especially after she seemed mad and told Tom to go back by himself? I have a few hypotheses on why she did so, but I would like to know your take on it! (My leading hypothesis is that Alice saw the future/heard about the future about what Tom becomes, and wanted Tom to transform, so that he can now be considered “dark” and Alice and him can relate more to one another.) Also, how many books in the “Brother Wulf” series do you plan on writing? I really like the direction you’re taking and writing it in a monk’s POV (or former monk, I should say), while keeping us readers in the loop with what’s happening with Alice and Tom.

    • I developed my love of reading as a child at the Harris Library in Preston. I am glad to hear you have rediscovered my books and are still enjoying them as an adult.
      No plans to write a stand alone at the moment because I have several writing projects underway which take up my time.
      Starblade Chronicles will remain a trilogy for now but I do accept that there are still untold stories – particularly about Slither and Nessa.
      I have already written a third book in the Wulf series and would like there to be at least four.

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