Wulf’s Bane

Brother Wulf Series

There are two books in the series so far and I am now writing a third. The first one, ’Brother Wulf’, was published in May 2020. The next one will be out soon (May 2021) and is called ‘Wulf’s Bane’.

Both are set within the world of the Spook and feature Tom, Alice and Grimalkin some years after the end of ‘The Starblade Chronicles’.

There is a new hero called Wulf and a new threat.

He has been trained as a monk but it seems that his destiny is to become a spook’s apprentice. But is he really a seventh son of a seventh son? Even Alice is not sure but she can tell that he has powerful gifts.

In ‘Wulf’s Bane’ we find out what Wulf really is and the events become stranger and darker.

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