Brother Wulf

A new Spook’s Apprentice adventure out April 16

Spook Johnson is overweight, greedy, sometimes cruel
and something of a bigot. But he is a formidable fighter and specialises in
hunting down dangerous witches.

Unfortunately, some of
the women he imprisons in his cellar are not
witches and this causes anger and resentment amongst the locals. Aware that his
reputation leaves much to be desired, Spook Johnson hires a scribe, to record
his own version of his exploits and thus turn him into a living legend. This
scribe is a young noviciate monk from the local Abbey, whose name is Brother

When Johnson finally
overreaches himself and is overcome by a powerful witch, Wulf sets off in
search of the only person in the whole County who might be able to help. He
travels to Chipenden to request the help of Tom Ward.

Tom Ward was once
apprenticed to John Gregory, the greatest of the County spooks. He is
well-trained and very experienced in fighting the dark. But things are not what
they seem and Tom is being led into a trap. There is a new threat from the dark
that aims to kill Tom and Alice and destroy all that they hold dear.

16 comments on “Brother Wulf

      • Mr.delaney
        Im a big fan and ive been sending you mssages from your old blog but it’s gone now. Im really sorry if my comment is little harsh, hope you understand your biggest fan here in philippines
        So here it is : starblade chronicles is a bit dissappointing, specially about Tom and alice relationship , i mean how can tom easily forgive alice after just a little saving ,i know that Tom love alice,it’s just that im not satisfied about the way he fogive her and alice explanation to tom ,its a little brief. a lot of your fans think of it too since ive been reading commnts from youtube ,amazon,good readers,my facebook group about your book they think and i too that its all of a sudden,and sudden death of jenny that left my curiosity down, i mean what about her real identity ,the power of her true name, think her character is just made just to die and nothing else.
        it would be good to ressurect jnny in this book I would really love it but I love it how alice would react. Wish tom would ditch alice
        Hoping that this book would as good as spooks and or even better
        Would there be a much more explanation about tom,alice ?and jenny?
        Lukrasta should be alive to to get alice back , think they really good in each other.
        Alice was my favourite character before even when after she betray tom and went to lukrasta,her explanation and reasons left me unsatisfied and think , think her love for tom is a little selfish

        • I was also a bit disappointed with the development of Tom and Alice’s relationship – and I wrote the book!
          As for Jenny – I feel the same way
          But I discover my plots and follow the way the story takes me. Life is tough and then you die. That is a reality we all have to get used to sooner or later. So I also think that fiction should reflect this.
          But the story of Tom and Alice continues and the new series (the first book is called ‘Brother Wulf’) is to be published in the UK next month. Tom and Alice both feature and Grimalkin is in the book briefly. There are even some references to Jenny – Tom still feels sad when he thinks about her. But she is still dead.
          Thanks for telling me your thoughts!

    • Grimalkin makes a brief appearance and no, John Gregory won’t be returning. Unfortunately there won’t be another Arena 13, my publisher wanted me to write other things. I may go back to it one day but not in the near future.

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